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Our Expert Crew is Adept and Skilled for the Job and Backed by a Top-Notch Facility!

We excel at providing quality repair/replacement services for people who are constantly on the lookout for cell phone repair. Whether it’s the screen, battery, speakers or mics that need repair, we are here to give it to you!

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Phone and Computer Repair

Reliable Phone Repairs In North Carolina

At Quack Quack Phone Repair, we understand how tough it can be to make sense of your phone repair issues without professional help. Hence, we extend our master-level diagnosis and repair solutions to everyone in North Carolina. Our matchless experience and talented repair technicians are your best shot at fixing your phone’s repair needs. Therefore, if you are searching for reliable phone repair services from trusted professionals in North Carolina, look no further than Quack Quack Phone Repair. Our staff has the perfect skills to perform phone repairs within a minimal time. No matter the phone repair solution you require, we are positive our experts will excel at it. Whether you need replacements for shattered screens or poor batteries, Quack Quack Phone Repair is the one-stop solution for all your phone problems. We specialize in performing quick and accurate diagnoses, allowing us to minimize total repair time.

Along with that, we also ensure excellence in our phone repair shop. You can easily count on our knowledgeable repair technicians to make your unusable phone functional again. We assure you of our phone repair service‘s quality, timeliness, and reliability.

Why choose us?

What do we fix for you?

Cracked Screen: We install fresh high quality display panels that are stock for your phone so you get the most accurate color reproduction.

Water Damage: We ensure all the seals are closed after checking your device for water damage. Checking the speaker and mic is included as well.

Speaker Damage: Speakers don’t sound the same anymore? We can check for repair or replacement so your audio is back on top!

Bad Reception: Let us clean and reinstall the antennas so you can get clear reception on call. The antennas are replaceable as well.

Broken Buttons: No more of those soft faulty buttons on your phone! We can fix them for you and replace them with something more tactile.

Dead Battery: Let us repair the contact points on your battery or replace it with a new one so you get the best screen on time possible.

About Quack Quack Phone Repair:

Expert technicians and adept staff members at Quack Quack Phone Repair have been serving the Sandhills area since 2018 providing the best phone repair in North Carolina. We repair everything from iPhones to laptops, Android phones, tablets and Samsung phones. We stay true to our mission of delivering excellence in the name of quality affordable cell phone repairs that last you a long time.

Our warranty is also reliable and well trusted in the tech repair market; although we have confidence in our services and are pretty certain you will not need to avail it. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to fix your gadgets.

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Phone and Computer Repair

What do people have to say about us?

They did a great job retrieving all of the data from my old phone which was pretty badly water damaged and cracked. Fairly priced too!!

Haley Carter / Google

I had a great experience with them. I walked in right before close hour and they had my phone screen replaced within 30 mins. They were very nice as well.

Destiny Wilson / Google
iHad an iPhone 5s screen replaced. The job complete in 30 mins tops and the phone is LIKE NEW! THANKS MR. FRANK!! Aka QUACK QUACK MAN
Dre Skitz / Google

Very professional, my phone was not charging , they fixed it working great. Told a few people about Quack Quack

Valerie Studivant / Google
I had a great experience when I went to Quack Quack Phone Repair. He provided quality work at an unbeatable price. My coworker recommended this shop. I will definitely suggest him to everyone.
Tricia Hamilton / Google
The man was super friendly, I had called to make an appointment to drop off my phone & it was done in less than the amount he had told me. Super convenient & great service.
Mayra Romero / Google

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Top notch computer and phone repair services in North Carolina!

Smartphone Repair

Delivering the best phone repair in North Carolina since 2018 for example we repair Samsung phones with broken curved screens too! Here are a few of the services we offer:

Camera Repair

The glass protecting the camera can break under pressure or upon impact. Sometimes, it can damage the lens underneath. We do a thorough inspection to diagnose all damage before replacing the camera module with a new one.

Battery Repair

Batteries tend to lose charge capacity over time. This happens with more and more charge cycles. We make sure the battery connections sit well on the motherboard and a new battery is installed so you get a good screen on time.

Software and Data Recovery

Sometimes you may lose the password to your phone and your data is locked. We can help you recover all of it from the phone using certified tools so there is minimal risk of data corruption. We care about your photos and videos!

Computer Repairs

For top phone and computer repair in Carolina, here’s what we have to offer:

Cracked Screen

Cracked screens are the worst! Especially if it’s your monitor screen busted. Bring your monitor in and we will fix the screen for you. If it needs a replacement, your screen is easily replaceable well within 24 hours and we can do it for you.

Water Damage

Spilled a drink on your tower? The pain of watching your PC crash in the aftermath is real and we understand it. Bring it in and get a free diagnosis! The cost is affordable and you get quality repair services in return. We have laptop repair services available too!

Slow Performance

Lag is the enemy of productivity. We hate to see a computer take hours to open and close programs. Sometimes the problems are internal and we excel at fixing them. Let us deep clean your computer and get it back working in no time!

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