Phone Not Charging? Tips By Carolina Phone & iPad Repair Experts

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What’s more frustrating than your phone displaying the ‘phone not charging’ sign even after you have plugged in the charger multiple times? Well, there could be multiple reasons for it, but don’t worry. These tips by Carolina Phone and iPad Repair Experts will help you get your phone charged.

It is completely normal to freak out when you get home after a long day and plug in your charger, only to find out it is not charging. But don’t lose hope! We have compiled some tips and tricks you can easily apply, and hopefully, your phone will start charging. So without further ado, let’s look at the tips.

Tips To Charge Phone By Carolina Phone And iPad Repair Experts

These are some things you can do yourself at home before taking your phone to a professional for help. If none of these work, you may take your phone to computer repair specialists in Carolina.

Inspect The Cable

Cables are the first thing to check when phones do not charge, as they go through a lot of damage. We take them with us to different places, we trip and step on them and put them in bags carelessly, which can cause damage to the cables. Therefore, when your phone does not charge, you should inspect if the cable is in good condition. Any bends, rips, cuts, or general damage could be a reason for the cable not functioning.

One way to check if the cable is working is by trying to charge another device with the same cable. If the device charges, the problem might be with your phone. Another way to check this is by trying different cables to charge.

Is Adapted in Good Condition?

The adaptor of the charger is just as important as the cable. If the cable is working, the adapter might be the problem. Therefore computer repair specialists recommend you check the adapter and see if there are red flags. Likewise, you should try it with different devices and maybe switch it with another brick.

Check The Charging Port

If the cable and adapter work fine, it’s time to check the device. Usually, the charging port causes issues. You should start by checking if there is any dirt or debris stuck in the charging part with a torch or flashlight if you see any dirt. Then this might be the cause! You can then try cleaning it with compressed air or a toothpick.

Charging ports also get loose with excessive usage; unfortunately, you cannot do much about it. If your charging ports, you may take your phone to Quack Quack Phone Repair to get it replaced. We use original replacement components to ensure that the repair lasts long and your phone returns to its original condition.

Try Different Power Sources

Trying to plug in something else in the same outlet to see if it works. You may have a weak connection, or the outlet might have gone bad. Sometimes, a section of your home can have electrical problems as well. So before heading to the repair shop, try plugging in your phone’s charger and different power sources and see if it works.

Check If the Phone’s Software is Updated

You must always keep your phone updated to the latest version as new software is introduced by manufacturers to fix any bugs or errors that might exist in the previous version. And a simple solution might be just to update your phone to the latest software.

Check For Water And Moisture

While this case is rare but not something you should neglect, check if there is a water drop icon above the charging port. If so, there might be moisture or water in the USB. In such a case, you should immediately turn off your phone and place it in a dry space, preferably in front of a fan. Most often, the water evaporates itself. However, if it doesn’t, you may bring it to us, as we offer the best phone repair in North Carolina.

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Seek Help From a Professional

If none of the above works, it might be because of your battery. Your battery might be old and worn out and need a replacement. In such cases, Carolina Phone and iPad Repair Experts recommend seeking help from a professional to diagnose the issue and replace the battery.

We are always at your service to fix any charging or battery-related issues. So if you need a battery or charging port replacement, you should visit our website or contact our technicians to get your phone diagnosed and fixed in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How do I clean my charging port?
You can clean your device’s charging port with compressed air or the bulb syringe. You can even use a toothpick to pull out the dirt but make sure you don’t push your hand as it can damage the delicate internal components of the port, and make sure you turn off your device which cleaning the charging port.

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