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Trustworthy iPhone Repair Services In North Carolina

Statistically, iPhone users have the highest rate of broken screens among all smartphone users. But that is not the only problem you can come across on an iPhone. Depending on the type of accident your phone gets in, you may have a broken speaker, camera lens or even damaged antennas.

We at Quack Quack Phone Repair have expert technicians who have the knowledge and skill level to handle damage of any type and repair it! We use original parts and make sure you get the best repair experience possible. iPhones are not a small investment, they cost a lot nowadays. We understand your concern about your device.

Walk into any of our stores and get your phone fixed fast. We ensure that any damage or defect is quickly and thoroughly fixed so you can save money. After all, we offer the best iPhone repair in North Carolina. We cover other categories as well like Samsung phone repair.

What Sets Us Apart From Others:

We Fix all types of Issues of Your iPhone

Your everyday iPhone repairs we carry out

Screen Repair:

Screen glass, when broken, damages the OLED panel underneath as well. It ruins the retina display. We can switch it out with a new one and have it replaced within a day! We also make sure the glass shards don’t damage the light-emitting panel.

Battery Repair:

iPhones have great battery life and standby time. Whatever percentage you leave them at before going to sleep, you wake up with the same number. But charging phones over time does eventually cause the lithium-ion battery to lose its charge capacity and effectiveness and it needs to be replaced and we can do that for you.

Speaker Repair:

Upon impact with the ground or due to water damage, speakers can start sounding muffled or completely die in rare cases. We can fix the speaker unit and test it for audio quality and clarity. If they still don’t work, we can replace them with a new one!

Water Damage:

Accidentally exposing your iPhone to water is a common occurrence. However, the best phone repair in Carolina at Quack Quack Phone Repair can take care of it. We can dry out all the connection nodes along with all the other components, making sure your phone is still functional.

Finding Solutions for your Problem

Great customer service along with a speedy turn-around. My friend and I both walked in with phone problems and had our phones back in less than 30 minutes. Thanks again we will definitely be using them from now on

Lizeth Bittick / Google

I purchased a MacBook from them a few months ago and I took it in for battery replacement and they did it for almost half price! Most other shops won’t do that. Well done

Mary Byad / Google

Amazing and fast. Repaired my Samsung Note 20 ultra's cracked screen in less than 2 hours. Phone looks like brand new. Definitely will go back if I need more repair work done on my phone.

Irfan Piric / Google