What if water spills on my phone?

We handle water damage for different tech devices so if you have a wet dysfunctional phone, bring it to us and we can take a look at it. We ensure all the water damage is taken care of and every component is fixed before taking it on a test run.

Can you fix my phone screen?

We can fix phone screens by carefully removing the broken glass and replacing it with a new one without damaging the components underneath. Our technicians are highly skilled at this kind of work.

How to fix a broken camera lens?

Usually, the glass covering the lens is what breaks however it can damage the lens inside or at least scratch it. You need high-grade tech to remove the broken glass while making sure the lens stays safe. If the lens is broken too, you will require a replacement. We can do all of this for you.

How do you repair batteries?

Batteries lose charge over time due to constant charging. As the battery charge cycles increase, the capacity to carry charge decreases. That’s the limitation of a lithium-ion cell. We switch the cell completely so you can get the original screen and standby time.

Can You Fix My iPhone’s microphone?

We can help you with the microphone problems so you can have clear calls with your loved ones. If the microphone is simply dirty, we can clean it for you and test it to check the response. If it’s broken, we will switch it with a genuine and reliable replacement.

What is a laptop virus?

A virus is a program that duplicates itself in the shape of another program in your computer and then inserts its code into that program to take over your computer. It can be dangerous for your computer and you can lose data over it. Let us treat your laptop and get rid of the virus inside.

How to repair a speaker?

A speaker usually goes bad due to water or impact damage. You need to check the internals for moisture and dry it out before testing them again. If the sound is still muffled, you may need to change the unit. We provide speaker repair services for your phone and can fix it in minimal time.

Where to repair Samsung Galaxy tablet?

You can walk into any of our repairing stores in North Carolina and get any tab repaired, let alone a Samsung tab. We use genuine parts to fix your tablet with precision and care. Our skilled technicians know what they’re doing and you will be more than happy with the work.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop?

It costs anywhere from $80 to $225+ depending on the damage. However, if your motherboard is fried, it is recommended to get a new one instead as it costs a lot.

How to fix antennas on my iPhone?

The antennas need to be switched with new ones if they are broken or give faulty reception. We can do this for you so you can continue having high clarity calls.

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Great customer service along with a speedy turn-around. My friend and I both walked in with phone problems and had our phones back in less than 30 minutes. Thanks again we will definitely be using them from now on

Lizeth Bittick / Google

I purchased a MacBook from them a few months ago and I took it in for battery replacement and they did it for almost half price! Most other shops won’t do that. Well done

Mary Byad / Google

Amazing and fast. Repaired my Samsung Note 20 ultra's cracked screen in less than 2 hours. Phone looks like brand new. Definitely will go back if I need more repair work done on my phone.

Irfan Piric / Google