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Apple gadget users have one common issue and that is they don’t find its accessories and repair facilities easily. Apple products are unique and based on a closed system, their usage, care, and repair are also a bit different. An android phone technician cannot provide the best service for Apple devices, he will rather spoil the device. If you are an apple addict and looking for any sort of iPhone repair, Quack Quack Phone Repair is Carolina phone and iPad repair one shop stop. We provide every type of phone repair, from software to hardware.

We are an Authentic Carolina phone and iPad Repair Center

We have been providing end-to-end service and repair to Apple users for years. Our Carolina phone and iPad repair center is second to none! Alongside repair, we provide accessories as well. Our best phone repair North Carolina offers every sort of customer care solution. We understand the apple users and provide these services:

Scheduling a Repair

To save you from the hassle of visiting our shop over and over again, we provide pre-visit appointment scheduling. If you want iPhone repair Carolina, trust us, we believe in premium care and that starts with saving your time and energy. For getting an Apple phone repair appointment, we are just a phone call away!

Diagnostic Service

Not all apple users are aware of the built-in technicalities of the iPhone and iPad. Even a frequent apple user sometimes doesn’t understand what goes wrong with his phone. At times the phone malfunctions get held or become unresponsive just because of excessive data and cache and the user is unaware of it. Our purpose is to resolve your issue, not exaggerate it. Our reliable technicians make such things clear to you after diagnosis. If your phone has got nothing wrong with the software, trust us we will let you know that. 

Time of Repair

Every sort of iPhone and iPad device has got its own specific upgraded software. The repair of different models takes different time spans. Moreover, it depends on the issue and the time it may take for repair. Sometimes, we run short of the required parts. This is why after diagnosing, we let you know an estimated wait time for the repair process. We are the best phone repair in North Carolina which takes care of its customers as well. 

Lifetime Parts Warranty

We believe in making our customers return! This is why we offer them fringe benefits, once they come to our shop. If you have to buy any part from us, we provide you with a lifetime warranty of that. Rest assured, we are a trustworthy iPhone repair Carolina that purchases the parts from authentic apple shops. 

Lifetime Labor Warranty

Be at our shop once and we will charge you only for the replaced part next time. We make our customers exempt from any sort of service charges in their second visits.

How do we Prove to be more than just repair?

iPhone is a complex device and its newer models are becoming even more intricate. Our technicians provide you free tips if they find there’s nothing wrong with the phone and you just need to know its features. Some of these simple optimizations are:

  • iPhones rarely get stuck, but if you find them unresponsive, just take a look at the storage in settings. It’ll tell about the space each app takes. Sometimes, deleting unnecessary apps, videos and images restores your device back to normal
  • If you are using an android phone, then you can do it by going into storage and clearing the data cache
  • Many of our life memories are saved in form of photos and we want to keep them forever. For it, we can use Google Photos. Both apple and android users can download it and save videos and images in it. 
  • Offloading is also a feature of the iPhone that deletes the apps which you have not used for a certain time period. It does so by keeping all your login and password details saved. If you download the app anytime later, you are saved from the hassle of providing new details.

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