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The right personal computer is something like a tamed device that helps you perform tasks with a single click. A nasty machine makes simple task completion quite laborious, even if you are the single user of that. Quack Quack NC, the Carolina phone and iPad repair has expert computer hardware and software designers who create master PCs for your assistance. Whether you are a workaholic or a gamer, we build your personal computer according to your needs. Both types have got different software, built-ins, and settings and we verily know how to achieve your personalized PC needs. 

Carolina Phone and iPad Repair, Understanding Hardware/Software Configuration

Our team knows how to align software and other installations that best go with your desired working and output. No matter what high-end parts you buy, an upside-down installation just ruins the computer speed and overall output. Both the work-intensive PC and gaming one have different configurations regarding system memory, motherboards, hard drives, video/sound SD cards, and ram and rom devices. If you are a digital world-savvy and want to have the ideal building of your personal computer book an appointment, our Carolina phone and iPad repair center is the right destination for you. Let’s understand the difference in the inside structure and working of both types of PCs.  

Specifications of Gaming PC

A gaming computer is basically a traditional desktop computer with a typical gaming processor. It supports extra graphics and enables you to play demanding games smoothly. We are the best phone repair store in North Carolina that provides assembling services for gaming computers. With a drastic increase in online gaming platforms where tens of millions of users interact, the very first demand is to have a setup that gives easy access and sharing options. We ensure that your PC is strong and offers the following:

  • Smooth gameplay
  • A suitable processor that supports heavy gaming software
  • Powerful graphic cards for crystal clear screen resolution
  • Installing perfect cooling to stop overheating of the device
  • Required SSD (Solid-state-drive) storage for faster load times

Specifications of Work PC

Work or business PC is basically meant for performance efficiency and easy functionality. The specs of a work PC are almost the same, but it doesn’t need a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This type of computer is mainly required for typing content, spreadsheets, office programs, sending emails, scheduling, and interactive communication apps like Skype and Slack. Whether you like classic towers, sleek and smart single units, or space-saving mini PCs, our computer repair specialists build the best ones for you. We make sure that your work PC helps you in the ideal working of the following tasks:

  • Must provide assistance in managing office data
  • Give right access to business documents and files
  • Help in updating social media statuses
  • Offer large storage for saving bulk data
  • Proper cooling system for smooth working   

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Our Premium PC Building Services

Our highly skilled technicians help assemble your personalized after getting to know your needs. The purchase of parts is just your decision, either you want to make it from a third party or from our best phone repair store in North Carolina. Our aim is to give life to the idea of your personal computer. This is how our team makes a difference in assembling it:

Authentic and Reliable Parts

Our iPhone repair Carolina store offers parts right from the branded shops. You can trust every purchase regarding warranty and testing, as we always source computer building parts from reliable outlets. Our parts warranty is just like that of a third party and our service never lets its customers’ trust down. 

No Wait Times and Hanging on

We understand the importance of PCs and this is why our service offers the fastest turnaround time. Our service time span rages just 24 hours, and our smart technicians help assemble your desired device. We are the best phone repair in North Carolina, which guarantees timely deliveries.

Data Security 

Your saved data in the memory and storage of the previous system is our greatest responsibility. Our technicians ensure there occurs no data loss and any sort of breach regarding your saved data. We are computer repair specialists who have sound knowledge of keeping ram, rom and other storages all safe. 

Task-oriented Friendly Team

Our Carolina phone and iPad repair service has an experienced team, which is trained on customer care techniques. Our customers find them all ears on sharing opinions, likes and dislikes about their personal computers. They start working on building your system unit, once they get assured that you have conveyed what you exactly want.


What if I purchase a pre-assembled system, is that reliable?

A pre-assembled system is cheaper than the one you build by personalized parts selection. But the earlier one can never be as authentic and trustworthy as the latter. 

What size of RAM do you suggest for a personal computer?

For casual use and browsing, 8GB is more than enough. If you have to use it officially then 16GB is required and a gaming computer must have 32GB to support graphics and gaming software.

Which Windows version is the best for PCs?

Windows 10 undoubtedly is the best Microsoft creation to date that is user-friendly and also offers easy multitasking. 

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