Get Immediate Services for Your Broken iPhone Screen by Carolina Phone and IPad Repairs

Carolina phone and iPad repairs

Did you know that screen repairs are Apple users’ most common services? If you are an iPhone user, you might already be aware of the fact that their screens are extremely vulnerable and are easily prone to breakage. When using an iPhone, one needs to be very careful as even a little jerk to it can result in you breaking your phone’s screen. Sometimes, the damage to the screen is so intense that the screen is completely shattered, and the display might even be gone. When such situations arise, professionals at Quack Quack Phone Repairs recommend that you immediately get your phone screen repaired by Carolina phone and iPad repairs. If you want to know the reasons, we recommend that you keep on reading the article. 

Reasons for getting Carolina phone and iPad repairs

  • A damaged screen can prevent the proper usage of phone:

The sole reason you should get repair services for your screen instantly is that a damaged screen can greatly limit the usage of your phone. That is because your phone’s display can be lost if the screen is greatly damaged. If your LCD has been damaged, lines, black spots, screen flickers, or discoloured areas can be observed. The screen might not be entirely lifting up, which is a sign of display and functionality problems both in your iPhone. And if a shattered screen is left untreated for a long period, it can further cause functionality problems to your phone, the repairing of which can get extremely expensive. 

  • A broken screen can be a health hazard.

The broken screen of an iPhone is a problem that most users do not take seriously. That is mostly because, with a broken screen, you can still use your phone, so people do not usually face inconvenience while using it. However, what people tend to ignore is that if this problem is not instantly taken care of, it can cause damage to the user. For instance, you can slash your fingers on a broken glass display instantly. From a cracked glass display, it is harder to read. That will make the text harder to read and put extra strain on your eyes. If the damaged screen impacts your health, then in addition to spending money on the phone, you would have to pay your medical examiner’s fees, which would be double the expense. Hence, professionals recommend that you go to a computer repair specialist as soon as possible. 

  • A damaged or a broken screen can reduce the resale value of your phone:

Phones are a big investment nowadays as people tend to change their smartphones every now and then. There can be an impact on this substantial investment if this problem is not rectified on time. Paying for your smartphone from the cash in your pocket can put a serious strain on your monthly budget. Fixing a broken screen on time can save you from this damage as later on, you can trade in this phone for some value. Make sure that you are getting it repaired from a qualified technician such as Quack Quack Phone Repairs

Moving onto the next section, in this, we will discuss commonly asked questions related to Carolina phone and iPad repair

Commonly Asked Questions

Will a cracked phone screen get worse?
Yes, a cracked phone screen typically gets worse with time if you do not fix it. There are chances that it might cause a malfunction to your display. The pressure on the display and exposure of the screen to moisture, dust, or even oils from your fingers can result in a cracked phone screen from going bad to worse. 

Can you use super-glue on a cracked glass screen?

Applying super-glue on your cracked glass screen is highly not recommended. That is because applying glue to your screen further can render it useless. Superglue contains cyanoacrylate, which is an element that stops small plastic/glass cracks from spreading wide. However, what should be kept in mind is that it does not work well with the phone screens. 

How much does it cost to fix a damaged iPhone?

Fixing a damaged iPhone can be expensive if your phone is out of warranty and if you do not have an apple care+. In this case, a screen replacement will typically cost you between $129 to $329. That cost depends upon the severity of the damage to your phone screen. Other types of hardware repairs like battery repairing fixing a damaged port can start from $149 for an iPhone 4 and go up to $599 for an iPhone 11 pro max. 

Can I trade in a cracked iPhone?

Yes, you can trade in a cracked iPhone with physical LCD damage like chips, cracks, scratches, dents. However, you might not be able to sell it for a very good price. 

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